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Live music filming PAID over 6 months with giguana finance


In an age where filming a live show is as reserved for the musical elite as ever, Giguana offers New York's musicians a new, accessible way to capture musical history.

At Giguana we create stunning promotional videos, film live concerts and studio shoots at all from as little as $499. Our clients are able to take advantage of Giguana Finance, with our services starting at just $99 per month over six months.

As of October 2018, we launched Giguana TV to help promote our client’s videos. Not only do we create stunning videos, but we also ensure our clients are receiving maximum exposure from them.

Founded by a two musicians we provide our clients with a turn-key product and personal service with both artists and their management at front and centre from start to finish. 

We have over 10 years of industry experience in live concert filming and have captured shows by big names such as Jamie xx, Slash, The Kooks, Example & Rudimental.


Ready to go content


Promotion through Giguana TV


Finance options available



Our live concert filming package is ideal for musicians and management who strive to take their online presence far beyond their peers. In a dawn of overpriced live concert capture reserved very much for the musical elite, our team capture and edit a stunning live concert video and audio that is budget friendly yet provides superb content for those looking to take the next steps in fan engagement.

Not only is the concert stunningly shot and edited by Giguana’s in-house crew, but we’re able to use our audio engineers capture the audio from the venue’s mixing desk and send to our team to mix, meaning our clients are able to focus on what they do best without the stress. Truly capture music history being made with our concert filming package.


Pay over 6 months with Giguana Finance


Captured Live at Your Show


Audio Capture and Mixing


Multiple Cameras



In-House Director


Up to Four Tracks


8 Hours to Shoot

At Giguana New York, we’re proud to offer our tailor made studio package, which offers artists the chance to capture stunning content in a studio setting. Our studio videos are commonly used as music videos, promotional material or to promote the release of a new single.

Our studio package includes our camera team for up to eight hours, which is enough time to capture 3-4 songs. We’ll ask the artist to repeat each song for a number of takes, each to a metronome to ensure we’re able to ensure the most stunning shots possible.

You choose the studio, we’ll make it look great.

JUST $1299

Pay over 6 months with
Giguana Finance



With our promotional video package, we deliver a stunning, engaging video cut to a pre-recorded track for just $399.

Our promo-specific videographers capture wildly creative shots and our dedicated editing team build an ultra-engaging short form video with your image and personality front and centre.

They’re social media focussed, meaning our teams shoot and edit our promotional videos in a way which increases engagement with posts, boosts sales and ultimately provides great return on investment whilst maintaining stunning visual vigour.

JUST $399

Pay over 6 months with Giguana Finance


Artist Image Front and Centre


Ultra Engaging, Short Form Video


Specifically Designed for ROI




Whether you’re looking for live photography from your show, studio shoot or public shoot, our photography team are able to capture stunning images in almost any environment. With decades of experiencing snapping artists from across the globe, we’ve had our work used as billboard imagery, album covers, as part of multi-million pound advertising campaigns and for extensive use throughout social media.

If you’re looking to capture something special, photography by Giguana is the way to go!


Pay over 6 months with Giguana Finance



Thinking about booking? Feel free to get in touch with our sales team using the form right here. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



As two young musicians who didn’t have a lot of cash, we really struggled to find a solution that we could both afford and trust when it came to getting our gig filmed.

We started our band ‘Kid Violet’ back in 2014 whilst at University in York and three years later found ourselves living in London, and taking the whole band thing a bit more seriously. We’re a good band to watch live so wanted to get a set of ours filmed. We realised we had two options. 

The first was to pay a traditional live music company $10,000+ to bring in big TV cameras, large crews and rigs. And well, that wasn’t really an option financially. The second was to find a team of freelancers - but we’d need to find them with matching kit, agreed settings, we’d have to direct them ourselves and then deal with post production - never mind the issue of trusting that they’d be any good.

It’s was at that point that Giguana was born. We realised that real musicians needed a live music filming service that they could both trust and afford - and that our company would be the first to deliver both sides of the spectrum.

Two musicians, one a film director and the other an economics graduate, on a mission to provide a professional, affordable live music filming service to the world’s musicians.

Since launching our company in London at the start of 2017, we spent a year perfecting our model before opening branches in 9 cities across the world, with a further 28 anticipated by the end of 2020.

It really is an honour to offer musicians a service like Giguana. We're always more than happy to chat with our clients, so if you'd like to get in touch with either of us - we’d love to hear from you:

All the best,

Jack & Billy



At Giguana, we were founded by two musicians who know how hard it can be to spend large amounts of money on marketing materials. That’s why we’ve introduced Giguana Finance. Working alongside SplitIt, Giguana Finance allows our clients to spread the cost of their payment over up to six months. It’s all zero interest, there’s no credit check required and there’s never any late fees.

How it works

  1. Email to let us know you’d like to pay with Splitit

  2. We send you a unique link for you to enter your VISA or MasterCard details

  3. You’re instantly approved and the first amount is taken from the card

  4. Your card is charged at monthly intervals until the credit is cleared


unsigned ARTIST?


Giguana was founded by two unsigned musicians and exists to give real musicians access to a service they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. That’s why we run our Unsigned Deal, a super low cost way for emerging artists to not only have their show filmed, but to recieve a ton of industry discounts from our friends across the music world, take advantage of our music industry contacts and receive as much support as we’re able to offer.

Our ‘Unsigned Deal’ is available exclusively to artists who are yet to be picked up by a record label or management, and pricing starts at just $200.

It’s our way of saying thank you to our wonderful industry.



Most nights of the week our camera crews up and down the country are filming some of Chicago's most exciting musical talent. Keep up to date with everything we're doing here at Giguana by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.


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